Thursday, November 23, 2006

Joe Gillis, Floater or What It's Like To Live In LA

the wheezy warm embrace
the safety
all up in Barbara Streisand's nose
like Jonah in the belly of the whale
there is no escape
only acceptance
i can only be saved
by the miraculous
by Robert Redford's warts
by Martin Scorsese's eyebrows
by Julia Robert's lips
by J-Lo's booty
by the little squirrel that lives in Madonna's cooch
what is that?
rumbling this way
like certain death with garlic breath?
a large greasy tumbleweed
rolling across the city
of despair
crushing the dreams of midget pornstars
it's Diana Ross's hairball
and it's picking up speed
rushing toward Barbara Streisand's nose
like Godzilla vs Mothra
and Barbara's nose stands up
honking angry, protective
power-snotting venemous goo
as D-Ross's hairball
vicious as barbed wire
engages the shnozz
the battle of the divas rages
o sweet hairball!
Barbara's nose cannot hold up
to the righteous fury
it's Diana Ross's hairball
in a first-round knockout
and I am blown free
I lay in the streets
exhausted, soaked in shmoo
coughing poisonous goo
o sweet hairball!
take me to Malibu
wash me clean
and put me to bed
as the waves
lap at the beach
lick at the sand
steady and loving
as Sappho
at a Girl Scout convention...


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